Camp Check-In 

Check-In is from 2:00pm-3:00pm on Sunday of your camper's week at camp. Camp Cedar Knoll staff are not available to supervise or check-in any camper until 2:00pm. Check-In is held within the large activity hall and it is here that parents can turn in any necessary paperwork and pay any unpaid balances for camp. All campers are required to turn in a camp medical form. Once all forms have been turned in, your camper will receive their cabin assignment and may begin moving in at this time. While moving in, parents have the opportunity to meet the councilors their kids will have throughout the week and also talk with the Camp Director if there are any last minute questions about camp. 

Any camper that will be taking medications at camp during their stay must turn in their medications at the Health Lodge directly following check-in at the large activity hall. The Health Lodge is on your way to the cabin rooms and can be quickly checked in there.

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Daily Schedule

Our daily schedule is very open for our campers attending camp. Our schedule has activity periods that are open for them to choose daily what they may want to do that day. This allows everyone to have a summer filled with fun the way they want to and do what they want to do. Not everyone is the same and Camp Cedar Knoll understands that. With "Free Choice", every day campers are informed of the variety of activities happening during each period. So during "Free Choice 3" we may offer kickball, crafts, and archery. Which gives the campers the opportunity to choose which one may be more suited for them.

While we give our campers choices throughout the day of what they want to do, we do still have group activities built into our schedule. Everyday we come together as one camp to play and have fun in a variety of different ways.

Trading Post

Camp Cedar Knoll offers a camp store known as the Trading Post. Campers can purchase snacks here with money. Currently, Camp Cedar Knoll's Trading Post only accepts cash and cannot accept credit card or debit card purchases. 


Once a camper is at camp and their fees have been paid, Camp Cedar Knoll does not offer refunds.

Special Dietary Needs or Medication

Any camper that has special dietary needs must fill out and submit the required form at least 1 week prior to camp. The required form can be found bellow.

Any camper that will need medication to be administered to them while at camp must fill out and bring with them the required form that can be downloaded below.