Tucked away, right off route 55 is one of South Jersey's hidden gems when it comes to camping. Camp Cedar Knoll is a wonderful location finding itself along the Maurice River. If you choose to camp at Cedar Knoll you can expect to find peaceful surroundings, access to the Maurice River, and a wonderful environment to relax and camp.       

Camping Hours


Friday through Sunday, 8am to 4pm

Cedar Knoll has a dumpster located onsite for any trash throughout the weekend. Trash bags are available at the office if needed.

Bathroom facilities are available with running water and flush toilets.

Activities at Camp Cedar Knoll

Cedar Knoll looks to offer all it's guests the best camping experience available! With that, we offer a variety of activities for various groups looking for outdoor activities during their stay at our camp. Any group looking to participate in or rent an activity must do so at least 2 weeks prior to their scheduled camping rental. 

Kayaking- With access to the Maurice River, groups can rent some of our fleet of kayaks and partake on a fun-filled adventure on the water. Tryout one of our pre-planned routes or make-up your own excursion down the Maurice River.

Orienteering- Learn how to use a map and compass in this exciting experience. Groups will learn map and compass basics then put their skills to the test in one of the fantastic courses Cedar Knoll has to offer.

Geocaching- Hidden throughout Camp Cedar Knoll are a multitude of Geocaches, small to large bottles or boxes set to GPS coordinates that groups can set out to find. Bring your own GPS or rent one of ours and head out in search of these fun caches! We offer a beginner course that includes how to use a GPS and an intermediate course in which participants need only to obtain a GPS and head out in search of our Geocaches.

Camping Rentals

Tent Campsites- $20 a night, up to 4 people. An additional $5 a night will be charged for each additional individual; up to 6 per campsite.

Cabin- $60 a night, up to 4 people. An additional $10 a night will be charged for each additional individual; up to 8 per cabin. Air conditioned.

Dormitory Rooms- $20 for room; $5 per person (minimum of 4) per night. Rooms vary in size and can accommodate a variety of group sizes. Heated, Air conditioned, Wifi.

Dormitory; Complete Rental- $200 per night. Included in rental is large sized conference room. Heated, Air conditioned, Wifi.

Equipment Rentals

Kayaks-         $20 per hour          $60 for 8 hours

GPS-              $10 rental

Compass-        $2 rental